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Welding services by ClearFab Manufacturing
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In 2002 Henry Stahl, looking for new business opportunities, starts welding small orders of panels around the Cleardale area. Soon word gets out and business is off to a steady crawl, upgrading welding and pipe fitting equipment happened soon after. Soon three full time welders were busy, producing  the famous 5'2'' panel that ClearFab is well known for. With more people now turning to ClearFab for farm and ranch equipment the lineup of different pieces soon emerged. Windbreak panels, round pens, feed bunks, bale feeders etc..
Most recently the newest addition to the ClearFab lineup is the Solar Water Buggy. Having worked with customers to improve the design, we are certain it'll be the hottest seller in our lineup. In 2016 we added a Pipe-cutting profiler to the lineup of shop equipment, working with Watts Specialties out of Washington U.S. The business Henry started in a 35' by 24' shop has now expanded into a working shop of over 12.000sq ft.  with a 3.5 acre pipe yard he plans to add more equipment and to continue to expand in the coming years.
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Address: Box 159 Cleardale AB. Canada T0H 3Y0


Welding services by ClearFab Manufacturing
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